What Clients Have To Say

  • Thank you for the wonderful reading last Thursday.  You were very accurate regarding all the people we talked about and I’m still processing the information I received. I feel better about everything after the reading. Thank you for your gift as you helped me a lot.  ~ Jovana

  • I found Zanna through a random Google search that couldn’t have provided a more divine match for my needs. Zanna and I first met for a tarot reading (which I highly recommend, she is just magical), and now for reiki. She has a lovely healing studio that is safe and inviting, and always smells amazing.

    Zanna’s ability to connect with spirit and effectively communicate the messages received really sets her apart from others I’ve worked with. Her messages are always right on point!

    I’m no stranger to therapy and I’ve done years of shadow work. I sought out a mentor relationship, but gained so much more. She uncovers the beliefs that are holding me back and provides effective tools to work through the trauma. I look forward to working with her for a long time to come.  ~ Carrie

  • My remote session with Zanna lasted an hour. Without telling her what was going on inside of me, she zeroed in on several key points, that I need to look at more closely and resolve. I trust her intuition and instincts at all times, especially during a Reiki session. Even though we are separated by several states, I feel she was reading me correctly, and giving me good advice to help me help myself. ~ Kim

  • Zanna is kind, compassionate, and a joy to be around. This is clearly not a hobby for her. The amount of time and energy she dedicates to an individual is amazing. I had never had any energy healing performed on me before. Zanna talked me through it and educated me through each step. She happily answers questions, and she has suggestions to help you grow and/or heal. Her home is a safe, happy, and loving home. Her two beautiful dogs are extremely well behaved and enjoy a room to themselves when clients are around. Honestly I had no idea she had dogs until the last 5 min of my first two hour appointment. I’m in a rough transition point in my life and I feel ridiculously lost and overwhelmed. After an appointment with Zanna I feel refreshed and hopeful. I highly recommend a visit. ~ Sarah

  • I love spiritual healing of all sorts! I’ve done a couple of readings with Zanna already and will continue to do so. I was recommended to Zanna through a very close friend and am SO happy to have made this connection. I love her flexibility and her usage of modern technology so that we can communicate and work together. FaceTime and Skype are awesome!!

    I love Zanna’s energy, sweet nature, and most importantly, her focus on what I’m trying to find out and figure out in my life. I never feel rushed when speaking with her as she is so warm and inviting. If I feel I get lost in thought, she is right there to put me right back on track. She’s given me so much insight and because of her background and experience, she really tells it like it is. And I love that! ~ Theresa

  • My boyfriend and I had the pleasure of meeting Zanna today and had a wonderful reading. It was a great experience and definitely validated a lot of things for both of us. Zanna is a pleasure with an amazing gift and we both look forward to seeing her again in the future.  She’s the real deal and won’t try to upsell you. ~ Stephanie