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How Can I Help You?

That is my favorite question! Why? Because my life’s work has been to empower others to not only ask for what they want, but to allow me to help them find it!


Are you looking for insight into what’s going on right now?

Do you need help in understanding your financial situation?

Or maybe you want to know how to find your mate. Or how to fix the relationship you already have.

Ever wonder why certain things occur over and over in your life?

What’s the lesson to be learned?

With my crystal ball l can help you see the future, what the present holds, and what decisions are right for you.

Those are all great questions, and questions that I can help you with.  

In my readings, I give you personal attention, guidance, and even some tips for how to change your situation. 

That’s why they call me a Tarot Reader Extraordinaire!

With Bachelor degrees in Sociology, Education, a Master’s of Divinity degree, and over 20 years spent as a Spiritual Counselor, Pastor, Advisor, and Divinator . . .

I am NOT your grandmother’s tarot card reader!

I invite you to check out all the pages on this website. There’s lots to do!

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