So many people are looking to find their purpose, their reason for living.

Some of them spend thousands of dollars and years and years seeking their one true purpose, the meaning for their lives.

What we forget is that there is only ONE purpose —

and it’s the same purpose for each of us —


In other words, to pay attention to the lessons that are inherent in each situation. When we are guided by LOVE we will hear and see differently. We will know that our lives are about how we SERVE OTHERS and not how we serve ourselves and our desires.

Live into your purpose.

Become the best version of yourself that you can be.

Love everyone and every situation, knowing that within each is the lesson we’ve come to learn.

Beauty before me.

Beauty behind me.

Beauty within — within you and within me.

God Loves You and Angels Protect You.

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seated woman with colored chakras

As an energy healer, I am often called to help people find balance in their bodies by clearing and charging their chakras.  For those of you who may not have an energy healer near you, you can use this resource to balance your chakras yourself.

Chakras are “wheels” of spinning energy centers in our bodies. When out of balance we might have headaches or feel “not like myself.”  Sometimes we’ll become ill and not be able to shake it.  Or we might just feel out of balance – something’s wrong but we can’t put our finger on it.

To learn how to balance your chakras yourself you can use the chart below. It has information about each chakra, which essential oil to use to open and clear the chakra, a suggested tarot card on which to meditate to energize the chakra, and crystals that you can place on each chakra to bring it into balance.

You can purchase the suggested Essential Oil by clicking on its name in the text below. You will be taken to my Essential Oil website. Click SHOP at the top of the webpage and search for the oil by name. Add the oil to your bag and check out.


How to Balance Your Crown Chakra

Location: at the top of the head

Visualize the color VIOLET

Apply Essential Oil to the Chakra: Rose Oil – The Oil of Divine Love

Rose oil holds the highest frequency of all essential oils. It’s a powerful healer of the heart and supports our connection with Divine love. Rose oil helps you feel unconditional love and acceptance, softening your heart allowing healing love to flow through to your soul.

Meditate on the Tarot Card – The Empress – divine love supports and nurtures through unconditional love.

Balance your crown chakra with the empress tarot card

Place a crystal on the chakra: Moonstone, clear quartz or purple fluorite

Meditation: The sweet scent of rose connects you to the Divine love permeating the world.

How to Balance Your Third Eye Chakra

Location: midway between the brows

Visualize the color INDIGO

Apply Essential Oil to the Chakra: Sandalwood Oil – The Oil of Sacred Devotion

Sandalwood oil assists with prayer, meditation and spiritual worship/practices.  It has been used since ancient times to calm the mind, still the heart and support communion with God.  Sandalwood assists with intuition and connecting with Spirit to move beyond the physical realms of limitation.

Meditate on the Tarot Card: The Star – cosmic inspiration, connection to universal intelligence, be the channel for universal wisdom and divine energy to flow into the earth

The star tarot card - a female pouring divine energy from above through her body into the earth

Place a crystal on the chakra: Amethyst, kyanite, or blue quartz

Meditation: Trust and allow your intuition to guide you.

How to Balance Your Throat Chakra

Location: on the throat

Visualize the color BLUE

Apply Essential Oil to the Chakra: Wintergreen Oil – The Oil of Surrender

Wintergreen oil assists the strong-willed individual to let go of the need to control and be right. Because the throat chakra is about communication, wintergreen can help you speak your truth when before you may have been held back by fear and the need to be right at all cost.

Wintergreen is an invitation to surrender your burdens to that Power greater than yourself by saying what you’ve been afraid to say, and listening to others whose truths are just as valid.  Surrender your need to control, speak your truth, unburden yourself.

Meditate on the Tarot Card: The Magus/Magician – communication, Mercury standing for truth, using all your tools to manifest the greatest potential into your life.

The magus tarot card - golden Mercury walks a tight rope with tools floating around his body

Place a crystal on the chakra: Angelite, Aquamarine, Blue Sapphire or Turquoise.

Meditation: What have you been afraid to speak? To manifest? Stand in your truth and speak!

How to Balance Your Heart Chakra

Location: over the heart center

Visualize the color GREEN

Apply Essential Oil to the Chakra: Peppermint Oil – The Oil of a Buoyant Heart

Peppermint oil brings joy and buoyancy to the heart and soul. It invigorates body, mind and spirit, reminding us that life can be happy, and there is nothing to fear. Peppermint combats discouragement and depression, helping us discover the joy of being alive.  It helps us regain the strength needed to face emotional reality with optimism. Peppermint says, “Smile!”

Meditate on the Tarot Card: The Fool – stepping out in total faith that the Universe/God will provide all that is needed.  There is no need to fear, happiness and joy pervade.

The fool tarot card - a green man with tiger attached to his leg looks out over the universe with eyes wide in faith

Place a crystal on the chakra: Emerald, green calcite, or amazonite

Meditation: Open your heart center and allow joy to flood in, then open it to others and spread joy and happiness.

How to Balance Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Location:solar plexus – the middle of your belly above the navel

Visualize the color YELLOW

Apply Essential Oil to the Chakra: Ginger Oil – The Oil of Empowerment

Ginger oil holds no reservations. It has a purpose and will fulfill it. Ginger powerfully persuades us to be fully present and participate in life. It teaches us to commit to life. 

Ginger empowers us to take responsibility for our life circumstances, infusing a warrior-like mentality based on integrity and individual choice. No longer waiting for outside circumstances to change, we choose our own identity.

Meditate on the Tarot Card:  Strength/Lust (in the Thoth deck) – strength, overcoming old fears and conditionings, passion

Balance your solar plexus chakra with the lust or strength card - a naked woman rides a lion with sun in background

Place a crystal on the chakra: Amber, citrine, golden topaz or sunstone

Meditation: What areas of your life would you like to live out more fully? Let your little light shine!

How to Balance Your Sacral Chakra

Location: lower abdomen, 2-3 inches below navel

Visualize the color ORANGE

Apply Essential Oil to the Chakra: Citrus Bliss Oil – Oil of Creativity

Citrus Bliss is a powerful “fire starter!” It can return motivation and drive when its lacking. It also inspires creative expression by reconnecting us to our inner child and natural creative sense. It assists us in letting go of insecurities and limiting beliefs. It encourages bravery and rekindles our personality.  Citrus bliss says to us, “Go forth and create!”

Meditate on the Tarot Card:  The Devil – procreative energy, sensuality, sexuality, individuality

The tarot card The Devil - a horned ram stands on two circles holding bodies chasing themselves.

The Devil’s grin reminds us that life is not so serious, that a playful creative attitude frees us of limitations and old beliefs that no longer serve us. What do you long to express? Light your fire and step out with courage as you create.

Place a crystal on the chakra: Carnelian, orange calcite, citrine or moonstone

Meditation: I am the master of my life.

How to Balance Your Root Chakra

Location: at the base of the spine

Visualize the Color RED

Apply Essential Oil to the Chakra:  Vetiver Oil – The Oil of Centering and Descent

Vetiver assists us in becoming more rooted in life.  Life can scatter our energy and cause us to feel split between different priorities, people and activities. Vetiver brings us back down to earth, grounding us in the physical world.

Vetiver challenges our need to escape our pain, centering us in the Self and guiding us to the root of our emotional issues.  We can discover deeper facets of our being, opening doors to light and recovery.

Meditate on the Tarot Card: The Emperor – abundance, security, stability, structure, discipline and authority. The Emperor represents completion and the power that comes from a firm foundation, from knowing oneself. 

The tarot card The Emperor - a seated emperor holds a scepter with rams behind him. Color is red.

Place a crystal on the chakra: Bloodstone, garnet, red agate or ruby

Meditation: I trust my power. I rule by serving. I serve by ruling.

Follow these easy steps regularly – possibly each week or month until you feel your body consistently balanced and you’re on the top of your game! Learning how to balance your chakras yourself will bring you continued health for your body, mind and spirit.

If you’d like to learn even more about your body’s chakras, CLICK HERE for a great pdf you can download and print.

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Are You a Paranormal Junkie?

Do you watch paranormal shows?  Or devour books on the occult?


And I can get really freaked out when I watch some paranormal shows – I have to quickly jump into bed and pull the covers up over my head — and breathe, verrrry slooooowly.  Literally!

And the strange thing is – I work with the supernatural and paranormal all the time!

I hear messages and get intuitive hits every day, but it seems so normal to me that I don’t think of it as para-normal–until I’m telling my kids about it! When I see the scary look in their eyes, then I realize – I’m not like other moms.

Heck! I’m not like most people!

Maybe I’M a paranormal junkie!!

What Does Paranormal Mean?

Paranormal means something that happens that is outside of normal scientific explanations. Things like clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Guess What?

I have both of those weird clair-abilities!

I’m Definitely a Paranormal Junkie!

But Maybe You Are Too!

Have you ever had these experiences?

Clairvoyance: Seeing visions or images – well, who hasn’t done that?  But I mean, seeing visions or images while you’re awake that bring a message and are out of the ordinary.

For example:

When meditating, I often see people doing various activities, or I’ll see a person walking toward me who wants to tell me something.  Sometimes I see specific events unfolding right before my mind’s eye!

How Can You Know If You’re Clairvoyant?

When you listen to a guided meditation or a song with your eyes closed do you see the scene being suggested? Can you see the ocean or the bright, blue skies? Do you see the details?

Yup! You’re probably clairvoyant!

Pay attention to those visions you get. Write them down.

There’s juicy info in there!

What about clairaudience?  What’s that?

Clairaudience is hearing words or sounds that bring a message. Oh, Gosh!

Well – if you’re hearing things . . . No! This is not a mental illness test!

There are lots of people who hear what sounds like someone talking into their ear, possibly standing right next to them.  You can usually read their story in Reader’s Digest!

I remember when my husband was battling cancer and I was standing with him in the doctor’s office.  I distinctly and very clearly heard these words: “Into my hands you must release him.”  And I knew that his time was over, he was being called into the Great Void.  It was a clear voice and seemed to me as if someone was standing next to me speaking in my ear.

Clairaudience is when you hear something that is as clear as day, is usually not expected, and has meaning beyond the norm. That’s paranormal!

If That’s Happened For You – You Might Be a Paranormal Junkie!

The paranormal has gained lots of attention lately and with all of the technology being used in the field, might not be considered “para” much longer!  More and more often science is playing a role in helping to explain those things that are considered paranormal.  If paranormal means, outside of scientific explanation, these events and experiences might soon become normal, everyday occurrences!

And then We Might Lose Our Paranormal Junkie Status!

We Might Become “Normal”!  Haaa—gasp!

I never want to be normal! I like being a Paranormal Junkie!

One of my favorite TV shows is Dead Files and is aired on the Travel Channel.  Go Figure!

Maybe it’s because Amy (the medium on the show) travels into other dimensions or realms to experience the ghosts, demons, shadow people, etc.? 

Or, maybe they’re going to offer special trips to see some of the houses and families that are featured on the show! 

They could call it Travels With Amy!

And Ghosts, and Spectrals, and Demons!

All Aboard!

I’d be the first one on the bus – how about you?

paranormal full moon with ravens flying through branches


On a more serious note, in this blog post I wanted to explain some of the strange things I’ve experienced on my journey to the Spirit realms for tarot card readings. Some of them may be considered paranormal, but for me they’re everyday occurrences and ones I’ve grown used to and even come to expect!

For example–here’s a good one:

I was doing a tarot card reading for a pregnant friend.  She was told that the baby probably had what might be considered disabilities, and she wanted to know what was going to happen, what would happen with the baby?

After the first few cards, it was evident that a Spirit wanted to tell me something. 

I felt goosebumps all over and knew that there was someone who was trying to get in on the conversation.  It was the baby!

Yup! She showed right up and told me how she would challenge her mom.

And how her mom was going to balk a little, but that ultimately her mom would grow and learn so much because of the baby.  The baby actually gave me an example of how she was going to be a challenge to her mom – and how the whole scenario would eventually play out to everyone’s advantage!

That was the weirdest reading ever!

Now you see why I’m a paranormal junkie!

Another time I was doing tarot card readings as part of a bachelorette party.  The bride, her mother and aunt, cousins and friends were there – about 12 of them.

I started by pulling two cards for everyone, and then gave a more in-depth reading for the bride.  Then the women wanted me to pull a card for each of them telling how they could help the bride in her marriage and new life. What fun!

After everyone’s card was pulled, the bride’s mom asked me to pull a card for Grandma.  I hadn’t met Grandma so I looked around with a questioning look on my face.  “Grandma?” I asked.


Everyone’s head nodded and they said in unison, “yeah, Grandma. She’s not here. She’s gone on.”  And they waved their hands around, meaning gone on—passed on.

I told them that I couldn’t pull a card for Grandma because Grandma wasn’t in our realm, however I’d sit quietly and see if I could get a message from Grandma.

Next thing I know – I see a short, thin woman with sandy brown hair standing next to the bride’s mom.  She had a stern look on her face but I could feel the love radiating from her as she looked at the bride.  “I’m here,” she said.  “Always have been and I’m so proud of her,” pointing to the bride.

As I spoke those words, there wasn’t a dry eye in the group. It was so exciting!

Subsequently, other ladies asked me to try to reach their deceased loved ones and I’ll be darned—everyone came through!  One couple, Grandma and Grandpa, showed up standing in front of a decorated Christmas tree—I could see their jeans, their sweaters, and even the belt buckle that Grandpa was wearing!  Their granddaughter was in tears to hear that they’re fine and together, and that they watch over her all the time.

It was a paranormal junkie’s delight!

Being a psychic tarot card reader and a medium can be such fun.  I love getting confirmation that my visions and messages are accurate because my job is to help people connect with the Spiritual energy that surrounds them and lives in their bodies.

If you’d like to tell me your favorite paranormal experience, I’d love to hear it.  Drop me a line below in the message form.  I’ll add you to my list of friends who are also


And, if you’d like to hire me to do Tarot Card Readings for your party or event, click here.

Here’s To Being A Paranormal Junkie!

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stacked stones on shore looking out of a cavern

Does Your Brain Need to be De-Cluttered?

Can’t Concentrate? Stress boggin’ your noggin?

Did you know that you can Feng-Shui your mind space to improve the energy flow in your brain? And improve your life?

Feng-Shui is a method used to create favorable effects in a space so that the energy flow is maximized.

You Can Feng-Shui Your Mental Space With Meditation!

Everyday we hear stories of how meditation changes peoples’ lives.

Learn to meditate, man, it’ll change everything!” 

colorful neural pathways

Science tells us that meditation can create new neural pathways in our brains, healing and strengthening our brains.

So why aren’t we all doing it every day—many times a day?

Meditation is simple, the practice easy.  I am a huge fan of meditation and I teach it and practice it.

And, even though meditation is simple and easy to practice, the greatest challenge in learning how to meditate is our MIND.  Our minds are not so easy to manage.

Because the challenge with the mind is that meditation can only truly be helpful when we empty our minds.  The irony is that our brain is constantly creating electrical impulses—thoughts. As long as we live thoughts will be produced; images and ideas will be created and circulated. We can’t STOP the thinking.

Emptying your mind means learning how to stop following those pesky thoughts.  Stop chasing the rabbit down the rabbit hole.

But, here’s a quick and easy way to stop following your thoughts.  Simply sweep them away.  When a thought arises, thank it, and then visualize your hand (or a broom) sweeping the thought away. 

This is what I say; “Thank you for sharing your life with me, now leave!” and I visualize the words being swept away like a pile of leaves.  When the next thought arises I repeat, “Thank you for sharing your life with me, now leave.”

The key to limiting how many thoughts arise to pester you is in the depth of relaxation you attain.  Because the more relaxed you are, the slower your brain waves, the less thoughts are produced, and your head becomes emptier.

There are four categories of brainwaves, ranging from the most active to the least active: beta, alpha, theta ,and delta.

When your brain is aroused and actively engaged in mental activities, it generates beta waves.  When you are relaxed or meditating your brain produces slower alpha waves.

Theta brainwave state is when you daydream or when you’re driving on a freeway, and discover that you can’t remember the last five miles. (Who hasn’t done that?)

And finally, delta brainwaves are active when we are in a deep sleep.

What’s so important about our brainwaves?

When we can shift our brain activity from beta (studying, working, playing video games) to alpha, and deeper, we are allowing our brains to heal, recuperate, and alter. And our thoughts slow down, making it easier and easier to sweep them away and keep them away.  

There is no doubt that the fast-paced, ultra-competitive world we live in brings us anxiety, stress and lots of time spent in beta brainwave states.

But, by adding meditation to your daily routine, you can slow down your brain activity and give it a rest.  Give it a rest so it can reboot, renew, and recuperate. 

Meditation can help you find peace in an EMPTY MIND!

Need More Help With Meditation?



landscape through crystal ball

All Right Readers—How Many of You Talk to Spirit?

I mean, have a full-on conversation where you get to ask questions and find out hidden truths?

Well . . . that’s what I do!

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

HERE is a room filled with fragrant incense, flickering candles, quiet music playing in the background.  Here is where I share my thoughts, my crazy (and not so crazy) ideas, and messages from Spirit.

It’s also where you might read about fairies or angels, spirit animals or hear from spirits of those crossed over.  In this space you can follow me as I travel through realms unseen and narrate the landscape and entities there.

Don’t Be Surprised If An E.T. Or A Unicorn Appears!

MADAME ZANNA’S BLOG is a collection of received spirit messages, stories, and musings.  Some will be funny, some crazy and some serious!  But, before you judge any of them, remember that sometimes the answers we’ve been seeking come to us from the oddest of sources!

Here, I hope you’ll find inspiration, truth, and uncanny bits of information. And that you’ll have fun traipsing through spirit world with me.