seated woman with colored chakras

As an energy healer, I am often called to help people find balance in their bodies by clearing and charging their chakras.  For those of you who may not have an energy healer near you, you can use this resource to balance your chakras yourself.

Chakras are “wheels” of spinning energy centers in our bodies. When out of balance we might have headaches or feel “not like myself.”  Sometimes we’ll become ill and not be able to shake it.  Or we might just feel out of balance – something’s wrong but we can’t put our finger on it.

To learn how to balance your chakras yourself you can use the chart below. It has information about each chakra, which essential oil to use to open and clear the chakra, a suggested tarot card on which to meditate to energize the chakra, and crystals that you can place on each chakra to bring it into balance.

You can purchase the suggested Essential Oil by clicking on its name in the text below. You will be taken to my Essential Oil website. Click SHOP at the top of the webpage and search for the oil by name. Add the oil to your bag and check out.


How to Balance Your Crown Chakra

Location: at the top of the head

Visualize the color VIOLET

Apply Essential Oil to the Chakra: Rose Oil – The Oil of Divine Love

Rose oil holds the highest frequency of all essential oils. It’s a powerful healer of the heart and supports our connection with Divine love. Rose oil helps you feel unconditional love and acceptance, softening your heart allowing healing love to flow through to your soul.

Meditate on the Tarot Card – The Empress – divine love supports and nurtures through unconditional love.

Balance your crown chakra with the empress tarot card

Place a crystal on the chakra: Moonstone, clear quartz or purple fluorite

Meditation: The sweet scent of rose connects you to the Divine love permeating the world.

How to Balance Your Third Eye Chakra

Location: midway between the brows

Visualize the color INDIGO

Apply Essential Oil to the Chakra: Sandalwood Oil – The Oil of Sacred Devotion

Sandalwood oil assists with prayer, meditation and spiritual worship/practices.  It has been used since ancient times to calm the mind, still the heart and support communion with God.  Sandalwood assists with intuition and connecting with Spirit to move beyond the physical realms of limitation.

Meditate on the Tarot Card: The Star – cosmic inspiration, connection to universal intelligence, be the channel for universal wisdom and divine energy to flow into the earth

The star tarot card - a female pouring divine energy from above through her body into the earth

Place a crystal on the chakra: Amethyst, kyanite, or blue quartz

Meditation: Trust and allow your intuition to guide you.

How to Balance Your Throat Chakra

Location: on the throat

Visualize the color BLUE

Apply Essential Oil to the Chakra: Wintergreen Oil – The Oil of Surrender

Wintergreen oil assists the strong-willed individual to let go of the need to control and be right. Because the throat chakra is about communication, wintergreen can help you speak your truth when before you may have been held back by fear and the need to be right at all cost.

Wintergreen is an invitation to surrender your burdens to that Power greater than yourself by saying what you’ve been afraid to say, and listening to others whose truths are just as valid.  Surrender your need to control, speak your truth, unburden yourself.

Meditate on the Tarot Card: The Magus/Magician – communication, Mercury standing for truth, using all your tools to manifest the greatest potential into your life.

The magus tarot card - golden Mercury walks a tight rope with tools floating around his body

Place a crystal on the chakra: Angelite, Aquamarine, Blue Sapphire or Turquoise.

Meditation: What have you been afraid to speak? To manifest? Stand in your truth and speak!

How to Balance Your Heart Chakra

Location: over the heart center

Visualize the color GREEN

Apply Essential Oil to the Chakra: Peppermint Oil – The Oil of a Buoyant Heart

Peppermint oil brings joy and buoyancy to the heart and soul. It invigorates body, mind and spirit, reminding us that life can be happy, and there is nothing to fear. Peppermint combats discouragement and depression, helping us discover the joy of being alive.  It helps us regain the strength needed to face emotional reality with optimism. Peppermint says, “Smile!”

Meditate on the Tarot Card: The Fool – stepping out in total faith that the Universe/God will provide all that is needed.  There is no need to fear, happiness and joy pervade.

The fool tarot card - a green man with tiger attached to his leg looks out over the universe with eyes wide in faith

Place a crystal on the chakra: Emerald, green calcite, or amazonite

Meditation: Open your heart center and allow joy to flood in, then open it to others and spread joy and happiness.

How to Balance Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Location:solar plexus – the middle of your belly above the navel

Visualize the color YELLOW

Apply Essential Oil to the Chakra: Ginger Oil – The Oil of Empowerment

Ginger oil holds no reservations. It has a purpose and will fulfill it. Ginger powerfully persuades us to be fully present and participate in life. It teaches us to commit to life. 

Ginger empowers us to take responsibility for our life circumstances, infusing a warrior-like mentality based on integrity and individual choice. No longer waiting for outside circumstances to change, we choose our own identity.

Meditate on the Tarot Card:  Strength/Lust (in the Thoth deck) – strength, overcoming old fears and conditionings, passion

Balance your solar plexus chakra with the lust or strength card - a naked woman rides a lion with sun in background

Place a crystal on the chakra: Amber, citrine, golden topaz or sunstone

Meditation: What areas of your life would you like to live out more fully? Let your little light shine!

How to Balance Your Sacral Chakra

Location: lower abdomen, 2-3 inches below navel

Visualize the color ORANGE

Apply Essential Oil to the Chakra: Citrus Bliss Oil – Oil of Creativity

Citrus Bliss is a powerful “fire starter!” It can return motivation and drive when its lacking. It also inspires creative expression by reconnecting us to our inner child and natural creative sense. It assists us in letting go of insecurities and limiting beliefs. It encourages bravery and rekindles our personality.  Citrus bliss says to us, “Go forth and create!”

Meditate on the Tarot Card:  The Devil – procreative energy, sensuality, sexuality, individuality

The tarot card The Devil - a horned ram stands on two circles holding bodies chasing themselves.

The Devil’s grin reminds us that life is not so serious, that a playful creative attitude frees us of limitations and old beliefs that no longer serve us. What do you long to express? Light your fire and step out with courage as you create.

Place a crystal on the chakra: Carnelian, orange calcite, citrine or moonstone

Meditation: I am the master of my life.

How to Balance Your Root Chakra

Location: at the base of the spine

Visualize the Color RED

Apply Essential Oil to the Chakra:  Vetiver Oil – The Oil of Centering and Descent

Vetiver assists us in becoming more rooted in life.  Life can scatter our energy and cause us to feel split between different priorities, people and activities. Vetiver brings us back down to earth, grounding us in the physical world.

Vetiver challenges our need to escape our pain, centering us in the Self and guiding us to the root of our emotional issues.  We can discover deeper facets of our being, opening doors to light and recovery.

Meditate on the Tarot Card: The Emperor – abundance, security, stability, structure, discipline and authority. The Emperor represents completion and the power that comes from a firm foundation, from knowing oneself. 

The tarot card The Emperor - a seated emperor holds a scepter with rams behind him. Color is red.

Place a crystal on the chakra: Bloodstone, garnet, red agate or ruby

Meditation: I trust my power. I rule by serving. I serve by ruling.

Follow these easy steps regularly – possibly each week or month until you feel your body consistently balanced and you’re on the top of your game! Learning how to balance your chakras yourself will bring you continued health for your body, mind and spirit.

If you’d like to learn even more about your body’s chakras, CLICK HERE for a great pdf you can download and print.

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Best tarot reading i ever did overlying a splash of red, blue, green and yellow colors.

The best tarot reading I ever did

. . . started by pulling the Death card!

Oh No!

Oh crap! The death card is a pretty scary card!

How can this be the best tarot reading you ever did?

And it started with the Death Card?

Here’s the skinny –

We tarot card readers don’t have a clue – not a hint, not a mild suggestion, no clue – as to what cards are gonna show up in a reading.

Oh, we probably all make a guess the minute we see our client – she’s wearing a business suit and heels – Gee, Let me guess! This will be a DISKS reading for sure, with a little WANDS thrown in. After all, she’s all about making it, and success is written all over her face. She looks like she doesn’t take no for an answer!

Or maybe the guy is wearing a t-shirt that matches . . . well, nothing! It’s blue and all out of shape from over-washing it. His beard’s long and he needs a trim. His brown shorts speak volumes – Ho-hum, I’m scared of life and I want a girlfriend—NOW!

But in reality, even with all my psychic abilities, the cards still amaze me EACH TIME!


The querant – that means client in tarot-ese – had made the appointment about a month and a half ago.  She had to save up the money to pay.  And she was committed. She needed answers!

Just that information alone told me tons:

She’s not an impulsive buyer, she knows that there’s something at play in her life that she can’t figure out and she knows who to call to find it out! She’s a planner! And a problem solver!

In our call she told me that her relationship with her boyfriend was in trouble. She was fairly certain that he’d been cheating on her, and it sure felt like he’d lost interest. She was frantic!

First I calmed her down and told her that I could help.  I could do a reading that would help her to understand what the relationship is all about; what the Universe wanted her to know about her man; and about what she can do to make things better.

Would that help her? Yes! And so we scheduled her reading.

Now, I can do my readings in person or online at your convenience – you can show up in your PJs or your yoga pants; make-up or not; at your dining room table or in your bed.  But this was a personal, face-to-face, in-office reading.  She was going to come to my studio.

When the day arrived and I opened the door to her, I saw a young woman with 3 friends in tow! They were all dressed to the nines with 4-inch heels, Michael Kors bags, hair done up like they’d just come from the salon, and nails just perfect.

NOT what I’d expected.

We all hugged, and I ushered them into my private reading space, which usually feels gigantic, but immediately felt like a closet with so many powerful women piled in.

The querant, Lisa, sat at the table and I could see she was visibly shaking.  Her face was ashen and she was near tears already. Gee, I hoped it wasn’t because she didn’t like the décor in my room!

When I asked her what was going on, she just shook her head, “I just need my reading.” From her stylish and “together” appearance, I imagined we were going to see lots of WANDS cards (will/passion/drive) and some CUPS cards (emotions).

As I shuffled the cards I asked if she had a question in mind.

“Don’t you remember? My boyfriend – I think he’s stepping out on me.”

“You told me you could give me answers.  You could tell me what this is all about. Why am I in this relationship – and how can we fix it?”

In my mind I was thinking – you promised her all that? But my hands were buzzing as I continued shuffling and I knew the cards would hold all the answers.

Next, I asked her to cut the cards.  I put the deck back together and set it right in the middle of the table.

And pulled the first card – the card that would tell her what was going on – what the Universe wanted her to know about that moment in her life.

And DEATH came a knockin’!

I was shocked.  I heard Lisa’s gasps mingled with the nervous chuckles from her friends.

The DEATH card.

I had never drawn the DEATH card as the first card!

Maybe, sometimes a little later in the spread – but the first card? Never!

WELL! (Deep breath!)

“Okay”, I said.

“Don’t get upset!”

“It doesn’t mean that you or anyone is going to die.”

“It’s a card about new life, about transformation, about release.”

I was trying to get all those positive ideas out there in one breath, as quick as I could. I pointed out all the symbols on the card, all the new life and transformation symbols, all the hope that the card inspires.

But it’s pretty hard to see past the HUGE SKELETON in the middle of the card!

Death card - Skeleton holding a scythe with swirling new life images of a snake, an egg and others.

And it’s pretty hard not to cry.

Which is what she did!

No! I take that back!

She didn’t cry.  She blubbered!

I’m talking–tears all over the place, snot running down her lips, mascara tracing down her cheek–kind of blubbering.  She blew through 5 tissues!

Then I tried to get her calmed down and told her I was going to pull another card.

A card that would tell us more, would give us some hints as to what she could do and what her boyfriend was up to.  She gathered herself with a steely look.

I asked the cards, “Is there more you can tell us — what can Lisa do to help herself in this situation?”

And I pulled THE HANGED MAN!

The best reading I ever did had the Hanged Man. Man hanging upside down in surrender.

Well, Darn!

Okay, okay. The hanged man is about self-sacrifice, about giving yourself up to the situation and allowing yourself to learn from it, to grow from it. Looking at things from an upside down position, you can see where your strength lies.

“But I don’t want to give up! I just want him with me, loving on me, making a life with me. I don’t want to learn anything!”

We talked about how people come into our lives to teach us; how we can learn even from the most difficult situations; how she’s a strong woman and with the help of her friends she will be able to see some good in all this.  Her friends agreed and rubbed her shoulders.

After she stopped crying, she took a deep breath and told me that she hasn’t seen him for a while.  She’s been giving him space.

Then she said, “Ask the cards if he’s thinking about me, does he care about me?”

I was shaking inside, afraid of what would show up.


The best tarot reading included 3 of swords. 3 swords piecing the heart of the lotus over grey swirling, disconnected energy.


I shook my head. There was no point going on.

She told me she needed to leave and she stood up.  I asked if I could hug her, and as I did I reminded her that she’s a strong woman with amazing supportive friends, and that there is a man – the perfect man – out there just waiting to have her as his partner.

As she reached for her wallet, I knew I didn’t want to take any money for the reading. After all, even though the reading confirmed what she was afraid of, it would just be too painful for me to accept her money.

Her friends wrapped their arms around her and held her as she cried.  And then I walked them to the door and I reminded her how blessed she is to have such friends. And they left.

I went back to my reading room and plunked down in my chair.  I looked at the cards. There were only three!

The Best Tarot Reading I Ever Did Took 15 Minutes!

It was the shortest reading I’ve ever done.  I remembered every word we spoke. And I remembered the power of the tarot; how it’s lessons are deep yet honest.  How the cards can be brutal, but always carry a deeper message.

The truth can be scary.  It can frighten us – even if the message is one of loss that’s necessary for new life and transformation to come. Even if the ultimate gain is greater than what we lose.

The Best Tarot Reading I Ever Did Made Me More Than Just A Channel

More than just interpreting the cards, I was called to soothe, to advise, to care for someone with a broken heart. I was more healer than a reader.

Because the truth can require much of us.  Sometimes we have to get a new perspective in order to make sense of it, in order to understand all that’s being asked of us.  Surrender isn’t always pleasant.

And sometimes the truth can hurt.  A broken heart caused by someone else’s careless or uncaring attitude takes time to mend.  We have to learn to trust again.  And not be afraid of being hurt — because we know the amazing joy that comes from a heart filled with love.

The Best Tarot Reading I Ever Did Didn’t Earn Me A Penny!

And yet I gained some incredible insight.

You see, I learned that all my assumptions – about people, about clients, about tarot cards, and mostly about myself – are just notions in my head.  They take up space and can wreak havoc if I let them.  But the truth is held in the library of Universal wisdom, in Universal consciousness, in the repository of the Great Keeper of Knowledge.

I learned that being a tarot card reader opens the door to that library of wisdom, of heartbreak, of human awareness.  And I am humbled to have access, to be trusted by strangers who just want answers.

The Best Reading I Ever Did . . .

Had nothing to do with Lisa

Her boyfriend

The DEATH Card

Or the 3 OF SWORDS.

The Best Tarot Reading I Ever Did Was A Message To Me!

The message showed me the power of holding in my hand a deck of cards with funny symbols and weird pictures. The message told me to listen carefully, to share with love and to honor the wisdom.



Old electrical sockets with the words Feeling Unplugged? Is It Time to RECHARGE?

Is it time to recharge? Are you feeling unplugged—like you’re spinning your wheels—unable to accomplish what you want?  Maybe you’re tired or exhausted from lack of sleep or eating foods that comfort you momentarily, but don’t provide healthy energy?

Could Be Time to Get a Recharge

Perhaps you’re allowing your thoughts to determine your attitude and how you feel. You may be angry or frustrated.  You can’t stop the internal brain chatter long enough to breathe fully.

Or you’ve lost your connection to Source, to God, to the Universe.

You’re Out of Alignment!

We all have these sensations at various times. We all find ourselves out of balance and feeling unplugged. Especially busy, professional women.

It’s Time to ReCharge!

Because we’re busy, connected women, we know it’s crucial to keep our devices and phones recharged. But we often forget to plug our selves into life-giving and generating energy sources.

My mission is to provide in-depth, accurate tarot readings that explain, guide and advise professional women looking to up-level all facets of their life.  Drawing on my vast experience I teach resources, techniques, and tools that can help you take back control of your life, your thoughts, your decisions, and your spiritual connection.

In Short – I Can Help You When It’s Time to Recharge!

Here are some quick suggestions for what you can do to transform your reality and bring balance back.

First and Foremost, Your Physical Body

Be sure your food choices are the optimum for you. Don’t eat because of emotional stress; choose foods that will bring balance into your body.  Greens provide not only needed vitamins and mineralsthey also are the fastest way to bring your body back into balance.  Plant foods keep our bodies’ electrical currents open and flowing.  An open current won’t need as much time to recharge.

This pinterest board has lots of fun and interesting info about alkaline and electrical foods.

Secondly, The Mental Body

Your body speaks to you all day, every day. It tells you when you’re out of balance.  

Are You Listening?

When you’re feeling exhausted, getting headaches, or maybe find yourself injuring yourself in small ways – cutting your fingers when preparing food or tripping over nothing – your body is asking for your help!

Because these things happen when we are focused on one aspect of our life and not paying attention to what is happening right now. Our thoughts are leading us down rabbit holes to confusion and frustration.

Time to Recharge Your Mind!

recharge your mind with meditation

One method to stop the mental chatter and recharge your mental body is through meditation.  Meditation is an ancient practice that stops us from following our thoughts and allowing them to control us. It’s easy to learn and can be mastered quickly.

Scientific studies show that meditation can reduce blood pressure, relieve stress, calm your brain waves and build new neuro-pathways in your brain that will make peace and calm easier to attain.

Check out my blog post Feng-Shui Your Mind to learn more.

A consistent meditation practice can bring renewed energy, a deeper connection to your Higher Self, a more relaxed and calm demeanor and relief from that feeling of being unplugged. It’s the perfect recharge!

Here’s a quick video called “4 Easy Steps to Meditate Like a Pro!” that can get you started right away!

And Lastly, Our Emotional Body

Our emotional body consists of the full range of emotions that humans experience residing inside our physical body, inside the cells that make up our body.  Every emotion we experience has a physical nature to it and is held in our cellular structure.

Think about it – have you ever felt joy and found your chest opening up and tears welling in your eyes? 

Or anger that burns in your gut? 

Or deep desire that begins in your heart and flows out into your arms, your legs?

time to recharge your emotional body

All those experiences demonstrate the emotional body and how we experience our emotions, our feelings.  We feel our emotions in our bodies.

However, the dilemma that arises when our emotional body is out of balance is because we allow our emotions, our feelings, to determine our action. When we feel hurt, we often lash out – verbally and physically.  And when we feel emotionally drained, we constrict and withdraw into ourselves; we’re unkind to ourselves and those around us.

The answer is to break the connection from the fears that hold you captive and cause emotional stress.  If you’re frightened for the future or feeling anxious about what’s occurred in the past, your emotional body becomes stressed.

It’s Time to Recharge Your Emotional Body!

Here’s a video that teaches a quick, 60-second practice I call “Tapping Into the Power of Now”

By learning how to tap into the power of now, you break the emotional connection to your fears. Your emotions are calmed. Fears released. Your emotional body can be healed.

All of these resources and more can be found on this page of my website. 

But, if you’re looking for more individualized advice and guidance, consider a private Tarot Card Reading.

Plug InTo Your Spiritual Body! Find Out What the Universe Wants You to Know!

time to recharge with a tarot card reading

My professional readings will help you understand your current situation, how to improve it, and what might be a future outcome.

Or maybe you have to make a decision about your job or a new home or a new romance.  Being fully informed and understanding the nuances of your options will help you create the life you desire.


Leave a comment below and tell me how you


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cards in various suits

I want to talk about SUITS!

No, not the double-breasted kind.

And no, this is NOT about the Duchess of Sussex or her former TV show!

I’m talking about Tarot Card Suits–not unlike the Heart, Spades, Diamonds, and Clubs in a typical playing deck—the kind of suits you play with.


Have you ever wondered how a Tarot Card Reader knows the meanings of the cards?

Well, here’s a quick look at some of the clues.

Did you know each Tarot Card deck is divided into four suits? Wands, Cups, Swords, and Disks. These four suits embody different aspects of a person’s life.  Newer tarot card decks may have different names for their suits, but even with different names the facets of life that are represented are typically the same.

Because we all deal with the same issues in life.

For example, when we talk about the Wands suit we know it represents the element FIRE, and refers to anything that is “fiery” such as your will, your drive, endeavors, your passions. Your fire can be your creativity, making things happen and the ability to use energy to turn possibility into reality.

Myths, fables and fairy tales use the wand as a tool to make one’s dreams come true, to manifest your will or your passion into being—think Fairy Godmother!

When we talk about the suit of Cups it represents the element WATER, and refers to one’s emotions, your intuition, what you sense or feel.  Cups are about your ability to empathize, and the ability to understand the intangible, the spiritual.

We know that water is a potent force in the world; it moves and can move objects; it comes in waves and tides—pushing and pulling; water also falls as tears.  Cups cards tell you how your emotions, intuition, and feelings are influencing your world. Are you a gusher? Or a waterfall? Do you allow yourself to be carried away? Or do you man the oars?

When we talk about the Swords suit, which characterizes the element AIR, we are referring to all things “airy”, such as your thoughts, your dreams – anything that typically occurs above your neck!  Swords are your intellect, your ability to conceptualize and to communicate the idea to others.

Now, sometimes our swords work against us – as when we speak badly to ourselves! “You’re such a failure!” And, they can be our weapons to cut away the thoughts or beliefs that no longer serve us.  “I am creating my own reality. My past thoughts are not welcome here.” 

The use of affirmations on a daily basis can help you create a new internal air-space. Swords are double-edged and can cut from both sides—take care to use your thoughts and beliefs to protect yourself and not do harm.

When we talk about Disks, we are referring to the element EARTH—those things that are physical and tangible—money, career, home, property, health, achievements, possessions, material goods—all those things that are external.

Earth is our home; it’s the source of our food and water; it’s where we spend our lifetimes and it’s crucial that we honor and care for it. Disks cards represent the relationship we have to all things outside of us. 

How do we care for our families, our friends, our house, our money, our pets, our neighborhood, our environment? 

Tarot Card readers, such as Zanna, interpret the meanings of the suits and make them relevant to each one’s questions and situation—and each reader has a different style and unique ability.

And there are myriad of meanings for each card, depending upon your specific situation. The most fun part about a tarot reading is that there are often surprises and unknown treasures that are brought to light.

Here’s a good example of how Swords and Disks showed up in a LOVE reading I recently did!

Which suit do you think would show up most in your reading?

Are you a CUPS kind of gal?

Looking for love, taking care of others, intuitive and sensitive?


Thoughtful and pensive, holding strong beliefs, and creative?

Maybe you’re a WANDS guy?

You’re passionate, driven and sure of where you’re going.

Or a DISKS type of lady?

You’re successful, your home-work life is balanced?

Want to talk about the SUITS in your life?

Drop me a quick line in the message box below.

Who knows? Maybe your story will be highlighted in one of my blog posts!

Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter and blog in the footer below.