tree debris activity in process in front of homes

A day after some monsoon activity I’ve been cleaning up the debris in our yard and pool from the trees and thinking about the natural debris that comes just from living in our wholeness.

Young tree in green field with many leaves.

Like trees that cycle through from blossoms to shedding their leaves we, too, cycle through blossoming and droppings and new growth. From birth we grow and spread our limbs, always seeking the sun and the nurturing water and minerals from the earth’s bounty. We turn towards the sun, seeking its warmth and brilliance. We reach ever upward, growing in stature and girth as we become the greatest version possible of ourselves.

New growth growing from stump of tree

Raking up the tree debris reminds me of all that I’ve left behind me as I’ve grown and shed and grown and shed. All the behaviors and actions that I once thought important but eventually outgrew. The thought processes that no longer serve me–I remember those limiting thoughts and I’m so happy they no longer sap my energy. Like curled, dried leaves I see what I’ve shed as compost for new growth.

Woman with arms reaching to sun-filled sky.

When I wake in the morning I give thanks for another day, for another opportunity to serve, another opportunity to learn and another chance to say “I Love You” to someone. I lift my hands in gratitude and bow my head in reverence. And I look forward to all the ways the Universe will bless me. My prayer for you is that you learn how to shed with dignity so you can grow with abundance and love.


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