As we strive, reaching and reaching, trying to get a foothold on the wall in front of us, we may find ourselves falling down, depleted, feeling frustrated—because our best efforts are getting us nowhere.

Upstretched hand in front of a rock wall

Spirit says to allow ourselves to fall back, to land with a plop in the dirt and to laugh at ourselves. And don’t get up! Sitting there in the dirt we can see a new perspective, perhaps a new way to climb the wall, or perhaps a way around the wall.

Why do we struggle with the wall at all? Is it even there? Or is it a made-up hurdle? Something our ego says we must conquer, but which doesn’t even exist.

Take a breath! Enjoy the falling down and the new perspective it brings.

And allow new ideas and new perspectives to free you from the must-conquer attitude that has gripped you.

Look around – is there another way you can achieve your goals? Is there another more pleasant route?

Don’t resist. Surrender to what is coming to you.

Remember, we are who our thoughts are passing through. We are who emotion’s passing through. 

Let them pass.

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