Panning for gold

An ad for “PANNING FOR GOLD” caught my attention today.

Living in Arizona, we have a lot of abandoned gold mines but there are still places where you can actually pan for gold! And it got me thinking . . .

How can we pan for the gold that lies hidden within us?

How can we mine the precious, shiny ore that we keep deep within our spirit, within our subconscious?

How do we find it?  And how do we retrieve it so it can be brought to light ready for us to use to bless our lives?

One of the hardest lessons to learn is that what we’ve been taught and have believed for years is not necessarily the truth. In fact, it might be a totally constructed belief system designed to keep us bound to it

So, how can we uncover those beliefs that we’ve never before questioned, but that might not have meaning for us any longer?

It really doesn’t require much – if you’re reading this you have probably already felt a tugging from within asking – “Is this all there is?” It can be a show-stopping energy that nags at you all day and night. Or it might be a subtle awakening that begins during a yoga session, or in deep conversation with a good friend who can sense a shift inside you.

You might ask, “What is going on?”

During this time, the globe is experiencing a great awakening. 

People from all walks of life with varying degrees of education and experience are awakening to spiritual nudges and urges.  They’re feeling strange energy in their bodies; having weird dreams or visions at all times of day; hearing voices speaking messages of warning and wisdom, of fore-knowledge and facts.  It can be confusing and scary. And it can cause us to question everything we ever knew to be true.

I receive calls all the time from someone saying: “Help! I can’t figure out what’s going on, but I was told to call you. That you could help me understand what’s happening to me.”

After we talk for a while I typically suggest that they come in for a tarot reading.  You might be wondering – how could a tarot reading help with something like this?

One of the ways that I access those deep soul questions and find answers is through the Tarot. 

It is my way of panning for gold!

Because, more than just a deck of 78 cards with funny pictures and symbols on them, Tarot cards are a vehicle for a journey to self-awareness.  They can be Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom, as Rachel Pollack teaches in her book of that title.

You see, although the particulars and details of our lives vary greatly, there are true-isms that every human being experiences

Our lives parallel greatly.  We all suffer from moments of fear or enjoy moments of great clarity.  We all yearn for love and companionship.

We want to know why we make the same mistakes over and over again. We often learn that, as we age, some of our parents’ advice makes more and more sense!  We begin to see patterns in our life and we wonder where that comes from? We have questions that, very often, religious systems can’t answer or might even be the source of.

Those commonalities can be thought of as ARCHETYPES. 

Archetypes are symbols or motifs or themes that are common in society and human experiences. We can see these symbols in ancient art and archeological findings.  These archetypes tell a truth about us as humans that are true no matter one’s culture, one’s belief system, or one’s ethnicity.  They pervade our mind and our consciousness and are ubiquitous . . . and VERY HELPFUL!

Each tarot deck is a compilation of ARCHETYPES. 

There are Major and Minor Arcana (arcana = secret knowledge) cards or archetypes. The Major Arcana cards/archetypes point to the psychological process humans pass through to reach a state of full development.  They show us how to grow, how to learn, and how to mature into self-awareness.

They are a TRUTH about us. They help us to understand who we are. They are the gold we want to mine.

Panning for gold is a quiet process. 

Standing near or in a stream, we hold a tray that’s filled with watery sand and grit, and we sift through the large pieces until we can see the tiny flakes of gold shining through.

Unearthing the treasure within is much the same.  Sifting through our emotions and thoughts, we begin to see the tiny nuances of life, those glimmering truths that can set us free.

We can learn how to see the rocks in our way and learn how to discard them.  We can break down the boulders of fear that obstruct our path. We can learn new ways of twisting and turning the tray so that more light can shine through.

Digging deep into our psyches and the paths that we all travel to ultimately find the hidden beauty within is what the path of the Tarot is meant for.  It is a path of awakening to ourselves—to the divine energy that resides everywhere at once.

Tarot is a truth about us. It helps us to understand who we are.

It is the gold waiting for us to mine.


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