Are You a Paranormal Junkie?

Do you watch paranormal shows?  Or devour books on the occult?


And I can get really freaked out when I watch some paranormal shows – I have to quickly jump into bed and pull the covers up over my head — and breathe, verrrry slooooowly.  Literally!

And the strange thing is – I work with the supernatural and paranormal all the time!

I hear messages and get intuitive hits every day, but it seems so normal to me that I don’t think of it as para-normal–until I’m telling my kids about it! When I see the scary look in their eyes, then I realize – I’m not like other moms.

Heck! I’m not like most people!

Maybe I’M a paranormal junkie!!

What Does Paranormal Mean?

Paranormal means something that happens that is outside of normal scientific explanations. Things like clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Guess What?

I have both of those weird clair-abilities!

I’m Definitely a Paranormal Junkie!

But Maybe You Are Too!

Have you ever had these experiences?

Clairvoyance: Seeing visions or images – well, who hasn’t done that?  But I mean, seeing visions or images while you’re awake that bring a message and are out of the ordinary.

For example:

When meditating, I often see people doing various activities, or I’ll see a person walking toward me who wants to tell me something.  Sometimes I see specific events unfolding right before my mind’s eye!

How Can You Know If You’re Clairvoyant?

When you listen to a guided meditation or a song with your eyes closed do you see the scene being suggested? Can you see the ocean or the bright, blue skies? Do you see the details?

Yup! You’re probably clairvoyant!

Pay attention to those visions you get. Write them down.

There’s juicy info in there!

What about clairaudience?  What’s that?

Clairaudience is hearing words or sounds that bring a message. Oh, Gosh!

Well – if you’re hearing things . . . No! This is not a mental illness test!

There are lots of people who hear what sounds like someone talking into their ear, possibly standing right next to them.  You can usually read their story in Reader’s Digest!

I remember when my husband was battling cancer and I was standing with him in the doctor’s office.  I distinctly and very clearly heard these words: “Into my hands you must release him.”  And I knew that his time was over, he was being called into the Great Void.  It was a clear voice and seemed to me as if someone was standing next to me speaking in my ear.

Clairaudience is when you hear something that is as clear as day, is usually not expected, and has meaning beyond the norm. That’s paranormal!

If That’s Happened For You – You Might Be a Paranormal Junkie!

The paranormal has gained lots of attention lately and with all of the technology being used in the field, might not be considered “para” much longer!  More and more often science is playing a role in helping to explain those things that are considered paranormal.  If paranormal means, outside of scientific explanation, these events and experiences might soon become normal, everyday occurrences!

And then We Might Lose Our Paranormal Junkie Status!

We Might Become “Normal”!  Haaa—gasp!

I never want to be normal! I like being a Paranormal Junkie!

One of my favorite TV shows is Dead Files and is aired on the Travel Channel.  Go Figure!

Maybe it’s because Amy (the medium on the show) travels into other dimensions or realms to experience the ghosts, demons, shadow people, etc.? 

Or, maybe they’re going to offer special trips to see some of the houses and families that are featured on the show! 

They could call it Travels With Amy!

And Ghosts, and Spectrals, and Demons!

All Aboard!

I’d be the first one on the bus – how about you?

paranormal full moon with ravens flying through branches


On a more serious note, in this blog post I wanted to explain some of the strange things I’ve experienced on my journey to the Spirit realms for tarot card readings. Some of them may be considered paranormal, but for me they’re everyday occurrences and ones I’ve grown used to and even come to expect!

For example–here’s a good one:

I was doing a tarot card reading for a pregnant friend.  She was told that the baby probably had what might be considered disabilities, and she wanted to know what was going to happen, what would happen with the baby?

After the first few cards, it was evident that a Spirit wanted to tell me something. 

I felt goosebumps all over and knew that there was someone who was trying to get in on the conversation.  It was the baby!

Yup! She showed right up and told me how she would challenge her mom.

And how her mom was going to balk a little, but that ultimately her mom would grow and learn so much because of the baby.  The baby actually gave me an example of how she was going to be a challenge to her mom – and how the whole scenario would eventually play out to everyone’s advantage!

That was the weirdest reading ever!

Now you see why I’m a paranormal junkie!

Another time I was doing tarot card readings as part of a bachelorette party.  The bride, her mother and aunt, cousins and friends were there – about 12 of them.

I started by pulling two cards for everyone, and then gave a more in-depth reading for the bride.  Then the women wanted me to pull a card for each of them telling how they could help the bride in her marriage and new life. What fun!

After everyone’s card was pulled, the bride’s mom asked me to pull a card for Grandma.  I hadn’t met Grandma so I looked around with a questioning look on my face.  “Grandma?” I asked.


Everyone’s head nodded and they said in unison, “yeah, Grandma. She’s not here. She’s gone on.”  And they waved their hands around, meaning gone on—passed on.

I told them that I couldn’t pull a card for Grandma because Grandma wasn’t in our realm, however I’d sit quietly and see if I could get a message from Grandma.

Next thing I know – I see a short, thin woman with sandy brown hair standing next to the bride’s mom.  She had a stern look on her face but I could feel the love radiating from her as she looked at the bride.  “I’m here,” she said.  “Always have been and I’m so proud of her,” pointing to the bride.

As I spoke those words, there wasn’t a dry eye in the group. It was so exciting!

Subsequently, other ladies asked me to try to reach their deceased loved ones and I’ll be darned—everyone came through!  One couple, Grandma and Grandpa, showed up standing in front of a decorated Christmas tree—I could see their jeans, their sweaters, and even the belt buckle that Grandpa was wearing!  Their granddaughter was in tears to hear that they’re fine and together, and that they watch over her all the time.

It was a paranormal junkie’s delight!

Being a psychic tarot card reader and a medium can be such fun.  I love getting confirmation that my visions and messages are accurate because my job is to help people connect with the Spiritual energy that surrounds them and lives in their bodies.

If you’d like to tell me your favorite paranormal experience, I’d love to hear it.  Drop me a line below in the message form.  I’ll add you to my list of friends who are also


And, if you’d like to hire me to do Tarot Card Readings for your party or event, click here.

Here’s To Being A Paranormal Junkie!

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