Old electrical sockets with the words Feeling Unplugged? Is It Time to RECHARGE?

Is it time to recharge? Are you feeling unplugged—like you’re spinning your wheels—unable to accomplish what you want?  Maybe you’re tired or exhausted from lack of sleep or eating foods that comfort you momentarily, but don’t provide healthy energy?

Could Be Time to Get a Recharge

Perhaps you’re allowing your thoughts to determine your attitude and how you feel. You may be angry or frustrated.  You can’t stop the internal brain chatter long enough to breathe fully.

Or you’ve lost your connection to Source, to God, to the Universe.

You’re Out of Alignment!

We all have these sensations at various times. We all find ourselves out of balance and feeling unplugged. Especially busy, professional women.

It’s Time to ReCharge!

Because we’re busy, connected women, we know it’s crucial to keep our devices and phones recharged. But we often forget to plug our selves into life-giving and generating energy sources.

My mission is to provide in-depth, accurate tarot readings that explain, guide and advise professional women looking to up-level all facets of their life.  Drawing on my vast experience I teach resources, techniques, and tools that can help you take back control of your life, your thoughts, your decisions, and your spiritual connection.

In Short – I Can Help You When It’s Time to Recharge!

Here are some quick suggestions for what you can do to transform your reality and bring balance back.

First and Foremost, Your Physical Body

Be sure your food choices are the optimum for you. Don’t eat because of emotional stress; choose foods that will bring balance into your body.  Greens provide not only needed vitamins and mineralsthey also are the fastest way to bring your body back into balance.  Plant foods keep our bodies’ electrical currents open and flowing.  An open current won’t need as much time to recharge.

This pinterest board has lots of fun and interesting info about alkaline and electrical foods.

Secondly, The Mental Body

Your body speaks to you all day, every day. It tells you when you’re out of balance.  

Are You Listening?

When you’re feeling exhausted, getting headaches, or maybe find yourself injuring yourself in small ways – cutting your fingers when preparing food or tripping over nothing – your body is asking for your help!

Because these things happen when we are focused on one aspect of our life and not paying attention to what is happening right now. Our thoughts are leading us down rabbit holes to confusion and frustration.

Time to Recharge Your Mind!

recharge your mind with meditation

One method to stop the mental chatter and recharge your mental body is through meditation.  Meditation is an ancient practice that stops us from following our thoughts and allowing them to control us. It’s easy to learn and can be mastered quickly.

Scientific studies show that meditation can reduce blood pressure, relieve stress, calm your brain waves and build new neuro-pathways in your brain that will make peace and calm easier to attain.

Check out my blog post Feng-Shui Your Mind to learn more.

A consistent meditation practice can bring renewed energy, a deeper connection to your Higher Self, a more relaxed and calm demeanor and relief from that feeling of being unplugged. It’s the perfect recharge!

Here’s a quick video called “4 Easy Steps to Meditate Like a Pro!” that can get you started right away!

And Lastly, Our Emotional Body

Our emotional body consists of the full range of emotions that humans experience residing inside our physical body, inside the cells that make up our body.  Every emotion we experience has a physical nature to it and is held in our cellular structure.

Think about it – have you ever felt joy and found your chest opening up and tears welling in your eyes? 

Or anger that burns in your gut? 

Or deep desire that begins in your heart and flows out into your arms, your legs?

time to recharge your emotional body

All those experiences demonstrate the emotional body and how we experience our emotions, our feelings.  We feel our emotions in our bodies.

However, the dilemma that arises when our emotional body is out of balance is because we allow our emotions, our feelings, to determine our action. When we feel hurt, we often lash out – verbally and physically.  And when we feel emotionally drained, we constrict and withdraw into ourselves; we’re unkind to ourselves and those around us.

The answer is to break the connection from the fears that hold you captive and cause emotional stress.  If you’re frightened for the future or feeling anxious about what’s occurred in the past, your emotional body becomes stressed.

It’s Time to Recharge Your Emotional Body!

Here’s a video that teaches a quick, 60-second practice I call “Tapping Into the Power of Now”

By learning how to tap into the power of now, you break the emotional connection to your fears. Your emotions are calmed. Fears released. Your emotional body can be healed.

All of these resources and more can be found on this page of my website. 

But, if you’re looking for more individualized advice and guidance, consider a private Tarot Card Reading.

Plug InTo Your Spiritual Body! Find Out What the Universe Wants You to Know!

time to recharge with a tarot card reading

My professional readings will help you understand your current situation, how to improve it, and what might be a future outcome.

Or maybe you have to make a decision about your job or a new home or a new romance.  Being fully informed and understanding the nuances of your options will help you create the life you desire.


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stacked stones on shore looking out of a cavern

Does Your Brain Need to be De-Cluttered?

Can’t Concentrate? Stress boggin’ your noggin?

Did you know that you can Feng-Shui your mind space to improve the energy flow in your brain? And improve your life?

Feng-Shui is a method used to create favorable effects in a space so that the energy flow is maximized.

You Can Feng-Shui Your Mental Space With Meditation!

Everyday we hear stories of how meditation changes peoples’ lives.

Learn to meditate, man, it’ll change everything!” 

colorful neural pathways

Science tells us that meditation can create new neural pathways in our brains, healing and strengthening our brains.

So why aren’t we all doing it every day—many times a day?

Meditation is simple, the practice easy.  I am a huge fan of meditation and I teach it and practice it.

And, even though meditation is simple and easy to practice, the greatest challenge in learning how to meditate is our MIND.  Our minds are not so easy to manage.

Because the challenge with the mind is that meditation can only truly be helpful when we empty our minds.  The irony is that our brain is constantly creating electrical impulses—thoughts. As long as we live thoughts will be produced; images and ideas will be created and circulated. We can’t STOP the thinking.

Emptying your mind means learning how to stop following those pesky thoughts.  Stop chasing the rabbit down the rabbit hole.

But, here’s a quick and easy way to stop following your thoughts.  Simply sweep them away.  When a thought arises, thank it, and then visualize your hand (or a broom) sweeping the thought away. 

This is what I say; “Thank you for sharing your life with me, now leave!” and I visualize the words being swept away like a pile of leaves.  When the next thought arises I repeat, “Thank you for sharing your life with me, now leave.”

The key to limiting how many thoughts arise to pester you is in the depth of relaxation you attain.  Because the more relaxed you are, the slower your brain waves, the less thoughts are produced, and your head becomes emptier.

There are four categories of brainwaves, ranging from the most active to the least active: beta, alpha, theta ,and delta.

When your brain is aroused and actively engaged in mental activities, it generates beta waves.  When you are relaxed or meditating your brain produces slower alpha waves.

Theta brainwave state is when you daydream or when you’re driving on a freeway, and discover that you can’t remember the last five miles. (Who hasn’t done that?)

And finally, delta brainwaves are active when we are in a deep sleep.

What’s so important about our brainwaves?

When we can shift our brain activity from beta (studying, working, playing video games) to alpha, and deeper, we are allowing our brains to heal, recuperate, and alter. And our thoughts slow down, making it easier and easier to sweep them away and keep them away.  

There is no doubt that the fast-paced, ultra-competitive world we live in brings us anxiety, stress and lots of time spent in beta brainwave states.

But, by adding meditation to your daily routine, you can slow down your brain activity and give it a rest.  Give it a rest so it can reboot, renew, and recuperate. 

Meditation can help you find peace in an EMPTY MIND!

Need More Help With Meditation?