cards in various suits

I want to talk about SUITS!

No, not the double-breasted kind.

And no, this is NOT about the Duchess of Sussex or her former TV show!

I’m talking about Tarot Card Suits–not unlike the Heart, Spades, Diamonds, and Clubs in a typical playing deck—the kind of suits you play with.


Have you ever wondered how a Tarot Card Reader knows the meanings of the cards?

Well, here’s a quick look at some of the clues.

Did you know each Tarot Card deck is divided into four suits? Wands, Cups, Swords, and Disks. These four suits embody different aspects of a person’s life.  Newer tarot card decks may have different names for their suits, but even with different names the facets of life that are represented are typically the same.

Because we all deal with the same issues in life.

For example, when we talk about the Wands suit we know it represents the element FIRE, and refers to anything that is “fiery” such as your will, your drive, endeavors, your passions. Your fire can be your creativity, making things happen and the ability to use energy to turn possibility into reality.

Myths, fables and fairy tales use the wand as a tool to make one’s dreams come true, to manifest your will or your passion into being—think Fairy Godmother!

When we talk about the suit of Cups it represents the element WATER, and refers to one’s emotions, your intuition, what you sense or feel.  Cups are about your ability to empathize, and the ability to understand the intangible, the spiritual.

We know that water is a potent force in the world; it moves and can move objects; it comes in waves and tides—pushing and pulling; water also falls as tears.  Cups cards tell you how your emotions, intuition, and feelings are influencing your world. Are you a gusher? Or a waterfall? Do you allow yourself to be carried away? Or do you man the oars?

When we talk about the Swords suit, which characterizes the element AIR, we are referring to all things “airy”, such as your thoughts, your dreams – anything that typically occurs above your neck!  Swords are your intellect, your ability to conceptualize and to communicate the idea to others.

Now, sometimes our swords work against us – as when we speak badly to ourselves! “You’re such a failure!” And, they can be our weapons to cut away the thoughts or beliefs that no longer serve us.  “I am creating my own reality. My past thoughts are not welcome here.” 

The use of affirmations on a daily basis can help you create a new internal air-space. Swords are double-edged and can cut from both sides—take care to use your thoughts and beliefs to protect yourself and not do harm.

When we talk about Disks, we are referring to the element EARTH—those things that are physical and tangible—money, career, home, property, health, achievements, possessions, material goods—all those things that are external.

Earth is our home; it’s the source of our food and water; it’s where we spend our lifetimes and it’s crucial that we honor and care for it. Disks cards represent the relationship we have to all things outside of us. 

How do we care for our families, our friends, our house, our money, our pets, our neighborhood, our environment? 

Tarot Card readers, such as Zanna, interpret the meanings of the suits and make them relevant to each one’s questions and situation—and each reader has a different style and unique ability.

And there are myriad of meanings for each card, depending upon your specific situation. The most fun part about a tarot reading is that there are often surprises and unknown treasures that are brought to light.

Here’s a good example of how Swords and Disks showed up in a LOVE reading I recently did!

Which suit do you think would show up most in your reading?

Are you a CUPS kind of gal?

Looking for love, taking care of others, intuitive and sensitive?


Thoughtful and pensive, holding strong beliefs, and creative?

Maybe you’re a WANDS guy?

You’re passionate, driven and sure of where you’re going.

Or a DISKS type of lady?

You’re successful, your home-work life is balanced?

Want to talk about the SUITS in your life?

Drop me a quick line in the message box below.

Who knows? Maybe your story will be highlighted in one of my blog posts!

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