landscape through crystal ball

All Right Readers—How Many of You Talk to Spirit?

I mean, have a full-on conversation where you get to ask questions and find out hidden truths?

Well . . . that’s what I do!

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

HERE is a room filled with fragrant incense, flickering candles, quiet music playing in the background.  Here is where I share my thoughts, my crazy (and not so crazy) ideas, and messages from Spirit.

It’s also where you might read about fairies or angels, spirit animals or hear from spirits of those crossed over.  In this space you can follow me as I travel through realms unseen and narrate the landscape and entities there.

Don’t Be Surprised If An E.T. Or A Unicorn Appears!

MADAME ZANNA’S BLOG is a collection of received spirit messages, stories, and musings.  Some will be funny, some crazy and some serious!  But, before you judge any of them, remember that sometimes the answers we’ve been seeking come to us from the oddest of sources!

Here, I hope you’ll find inspiration, truth, and uncanny bits of information. And that you’ll have fun traipsing through spirit world with me.