Best tarot reading i ever did overlying a splash of red, blue, green and yellow colors.

The best tarot reading I ever did

. . . started by pulling the Death card!

Oh No!

Oh crap! The death card is a pretty scary card!

How can this be the best tarot reading you ever did?

And it started with the Death Card?

Here’s the skinny –

We tarot card readers don’t have a clue – not a hint, not a mild suggestion, no clue – as to what cards are gonna show up in a reading.

Oh, we probably all make a guess the minute we see our client – she’s wearing a business suit and heels – Gee, Let me guess! This will be a DISKS reading for sure, with a little WANDS thrown in. After all, she’s all about making it, and success is written all over her face. She looks like she doesn’t take no for an answer!

Or maybe the guy is wearing a t-shirt that matches . . . well, nothing! It’s blue and all out of shape from over-washing it. His beard’s long and he needs a trim. His brown shorts speak volumes – Ho-hum, I’m scared of life and I want a girlfriend—NOW!

But in reality, even with all my psychic abilities, the cards still amaze me EACH TIME!


The querant – that means client in tarot-ese – had made the appointment about a month and a half ago.  She had to save up the money to pay.  And she was committed. She needed answers!

Just that information alone told me tons:

She’s not an impulsive buyer, she knows that there’s something at play in her life that she can’t figure out and she knows who to call to find it out! She’s a planner! And a problem solver!

In our call she told me that her relationship with her boyfriend was in trouble. She was fairly certain that he’d been cheating on her, and it sure felt like he’d lost interest. She was frantic!

First I calmed her down and told her that I could help.  I could do a reading that would help her to understand what the relationship is all about; what the Universe wanted her to know about her man; and about what she can do to make things better.

Would that help her? Yes! And so we scheduled her reading.

Now, I can do my readings in person or online at your convenience – you can show up in your PJs or your yoga pants; make-up or not; at your dining room table or in your bed.  But this was a personal, face-to-face, in-office reading.  She was going to come to my studio.

When the day arrived and I opened the door to her, I saw a young woman with 3 friends in tow! They were all dressed to the nines with 4-inch heels, Michael Kors bags, hair done up like they’d just come from the salon, and nails just perfect.

NOT what I’d expected.

We all hugged, and I ushered them into my private reading space, which usually feels gigantic, but immediately felt like a closet with so many powerful women piled in.

The querant, Lisa, sat at the table and I could see she was visibly shaking.  Her face was ashen and she was near tears already. Gee, I hoped it wasn’t because she didn’t like the décor in my room!

When I asked her what was going on, she just shook her head, “I just need my reading.” From her stylish and “together” appearance, I imagined we were going to see lots of WANDS cards (will/passion/drive) and some CUPS cards (emotions).

As I shuffled the cards I asked if she had a question in mind.

“Don’t you remember? My boyfriend – I think he’s stepping out on me.”

“You told me you could give me answers.  You could tell me what this is all about. Why am I in this relationship – and how can we fix it?”

In my mind I was thinking – you promised her all that? But my hands were buzzing as I continued shuffling and I knew the cards would hold all the answers.

Next, I asked her to cut the cards.  I put the deck back together and set it right in the middle of the table.

And pulled the first card – the card that would tell her what was going on – what the Universe wanted her to know about that moment in her life.

And DEATH came a knockin’!

I was shocked.  I heard Lisa’s gasps mingled with the nervous chuckles from her friends.

The DEATH card.

I had never drawn the DEATH card as the first card!

Maybe, sometimes a little later in the spread – but the first card? Never!

WELL! (Deep breath!)

“Okay”, I said.

“Don’t get upset!”

“It doesn’t mean that you or anyone is going to die.”

“It’s a card about new life, about transformation, about release.”

I was trying to get all those positive ideas out there in one breath, as quick as I could. I pointed out all the symbols on the card, all the new life and transformation symbols, all the hope that the card inspires.

But it’s pretty hard to see past the HUGE SKELETON in the middle of the card!

Death card - Skeleton holding a scythe with swirling new life images of a snake, an egg and others.

And it’s pretty hard not to cry.

Which is what she did!

No! I take that back!

She didn’t cry.  She blubbered!

I’m talking–tears all over the place, snot running down her lips, mascara tracing down her cheek–kind of blubbering.  She blew through 5 tissues!

Then I tried to get her calmed down and told her I was going to pull another card.

A card that would tell us more, would give us some hints as to what she could do and what her boyfriend was up to.  She gathered herself with a steely look.

I asked the cards, “Is there more you can tell us — what can Lisa do to help herself in this situation?”

And I pulled THE HANGED MAN!

The best reading I ever did had the Hanged Man. Man hanging upside down in surrender.

Well, Darn!

Okay, okay. The hanged man is about self-sacrifice, about giving yourself up to the situation and allowing yourself to learn from it, to grow from it. Looking at things from an upside down position, you can see where your strength lies.

“But I don’t want to give up! I just want him with me, loving on me, making a life with me. I don’t want to learn anything!”

We talked about how people come into our lives to teach us; how we can learn even from the most difficult situations; how she’s a strong woman and with the help of her friends she will be able to see some good in all this.  Her friends agreed and rubbed her shoulders.

After she stopped crying, she took a deep breath and told me that she hasn’t seen him for a while.  She’s been giving him space.

Then she said, “Ask the cards if he’s thinking about me, does he care about me?”

I was shaking inside, afraid of what would show up.


The best tarot reading included 3 of swords. 3 swords piecing the heart of the lotus over grey swirling, disconnected energy.


I shook my head. There was no point going on.

She told me she needed to leave and she stood up.  I asked if I could hug her, and as I did I reminded her that she’s a strong woman with amazing supportive friends, and that there is a man – the perfect man – out there just waiting to have her as his partner.

As she reached for her wallet, I knew I didn’t want to take any money for the reading. After all, even though the reading confirmed what she was afraid of, it would just be too painful for me to accept her money.

Her friends wrapped their arms around her and held her as she cried.  And then I walked them to the door and I reminded her how blessed she is to have such friends. And they left.

I went back to my reading room and plunked down in my chair.  I looked at the cards. There were only three!

The Best Tarot Reading I Ever Did Took 15 Minutes!

It was the shortest reading I’ve ever done.  I remembered every word we spoke. And I remembered the power of the tarot; how it’s lessons are deep yet honest.  How the cards can be brutal, but always carry a deeper message.

The truth can be scary.  It can frighten us – even if the message is one of loss that’s necessary for new life and transformation to come. Even if the ultimate gain is greater than what we lose.

The Best Tarot Reading I Ever Did Made Me More Than Just A Channel

More than just interpreting the cards, I was called to soothe, to advise, to care for someone with a broken heart. I was more healer than a reader.

Because the truth can require much of us.  Sometimes we have to get a new perspective in order to make sense of it, in order to understand all that’s being asked of us.  Surrender isn’t always pleasant.

And sometimes the truth can hurt.  A broken heart caused by someone else’s careless or uncaring attitude takes time to mend.  We have to learn to trust again.  And not be afraid of being hurt — because we know the amazing joy that comes from a heart filled with love.

The Best Tarot Reading I Ever Did Didn’t Earn Me A Penny!

And yet I gained some incredible insight.

You see, I learned that all my assumptions – about people, about clients, about tarot cards, and mostly about myself – are just notions in my head.  They take up space and can wreak havoc if I let them.  But the truth is held in the library of Universal wisdom, in Universal consciousness, in the repository of the Great Keeper of Knowledge.

I learned that being a tarot card reader opens the door to that library of wisdom, of heartbreak, of human awareness.  And I am humbled to have access, to be trusted by strangers who just want answers.

The Best Reading I Ever Did . . .

Had nothing to do with Lisa

Her boyfriend

The DEATH Card

Or the 3 OF SWORDS.

The Best Tarot Reading I Ever Did Was A Message To Me!

The message showed me the power of holding in my hand a deck of cards with funny symbols and weird pictures. The message told me to listen carefully, to share with love and to honor the wisdom.


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